LeMat Confederate Pistol<BR>Non Firing Replica Gun

LeMat Confederate Pistol
Non Firing Replica Gun

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Non-firing replica of the LeMat revolver.   Similar to the revolver carried by the man in black in HBO's Westworld.    This replica is manufactured by Denix and is the percussion cap model.   Working single action, cylinder spins,  loading lever, hammer and trigger. Checkered grips.

This is a huge gun!  We currently do not carry any holsters that it will fit.  :(

This massive revolver was utilized by Confederate cavalry, and was a favorite of Jeb Stuart, Beauregard, and Bragg.  It was originally chambered for .36 or .41 and later changed to the more common .36 or .44.  This bad boy also could fire a slug or buckshot out of its smoothbore barrel.. hence it was also called The Grape Shot Revolver.   

Length: 14"

Weight: 3.6 lbs



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