Frequently Asked Questions

Who manufactures the replica weaponry?

Denix manufactures weapons in the 22- series (22-xxxx)

Kolser manufactures the 47- series (47-xxxx)

ReplicArt manufactures the 45- series  (45-xxxx)

What kind of metal is used in the replica guns?

The metal used is a zinc alloy.

Which replica guns do the 22-001 replica bullets fit into?

The only guns that accept the 22-001 replica bullets are the Denix 22- series western single action Army revolvers and the Schofields. 

Which replica ammo fits into which western holster loops?

The 22-001 ammo will fit into 22-703, 22-704, 22-701, 22-707, and 22-708 holster loops.    26-105DC and 26-102DC Dummy Cartridges will fit into 04-200, 04-220 and 04-100 holster loops.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we will, but the buyer assumes all risk of loss of any confiscations made by customs.  We will cancel and refund orders to countries that are known to confiscate replica gun imports.  However, we cannot know all laws of all countries, so it is up to the buyer to check their local laws before ordering and buyer assumes all risk of confiscation made by Customs.

CANADA: We are allowed to ship non-firing flintlock replicas, percussion cap replicas, and cowboy-era old west peacemaker-style non-firing replicas to Canada.  We cannot ship modern-style non-firing replicas, nor blank guns to Canada. 

AUSTRALIA:  We can ship replicas to Australia, but you must first acquire the B709A import permit.  Provide us with a copy and we will include it with your order.

Do you have a catalog?

No, we do not publish a catalog at this time.

Do you have a replica Glock?

No, Glock does not allow the Glock design to be replicated and sold in the United States. You may be able to purchase the Gap replica in other countries such as UK, Australia, Spain, Hong Kong, etc.


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