Confederate Generals Barnwood Set

Confederate Generals Barnwood Set

SKU #: 27-371



This historic framed set depicts many of the Confederacy's most famous Generals and flags flown during the Civil War. The color print is mounted on the barnwood frame with a full-size M1849 single action percussion "Pocket Pistol" popular with the Southern Generals.

Photos of the following Generals are included in the print:

Rober E. Lee
Thoms J. "Stonewall" Jackson
Sterling Price
Leonidis Polk
J.E.B. Stuart
PGT Beauregard
Jefferson Davis
Alexander Stephens
Braxton Bragg
John B. Hood
A.P. Hill
James Longstreet
Wade Hampton
R.S. Ewell
John Hunt Morgan
Edmund Kirby Smith
Joseph Johnston
William Joseph Hardee

Dimensions: 12.25" x 15.5"

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