Colt Dragoon M1849
Replica Gun

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This is a non-firing replica gun similar to the one Mattie Ross carried in the 2010 version of True Grit, a 2nd model Colt's Dragoon. (Although hers was a blued finish, and this one is antique gray).   

Colt originally commissioned Eli Whitney to manufacture this massive .44 caliber gun in 1848.  This revolver was a predecessor of the more famous civil war and old west models- the design of the Colt Dragoon was an improvement to the Colt Walker.  Antique Gray finish.  Cylinder is engraved with a cavalry horseman and "Model U.S.N." 

Overall Length: 13.5"

Weight: 3.5"

Manufactured by Denix



For reference only: Photo of Mattie Ross's Colt's Dragoon from 2010 True Grit

Photo courtesy of www.imfdb.org


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