The Garand Replica – Denix Prop Gun

When one thinks of the M1 Garand, the first thing that comes to mind is the Invasion of Normandy, or better known as D-Day. When the Americans stormed the beaches, the basic foot soldier was carrying the M1 Garand, a semi-automatic .30 caliber rifle. This rifle was the most used rifle on the American side of the war. The M1 Garand, was one of the lighter rifles of its time , thus making it one of the easiest rifles to carry around during the war. All in all, the M1 Garand was the best service rifle of the war, giving the American soldier a distinct fighting advantage when in combat. I want to share with you a little background, and where this rifle was used.m1-garand-rifle

The M1 Garand, came about in 1936, and by August of 1941 it was in mass production in the United States. The Second World War began for the Americans in the winter of 1941, with the attack on Pearl Harbor. After the attack millions of Americans would sign up to protect their homeland. A new recruit would enter basic combat training, and would learn how to use, maintain, fire, and often times even sleep with the M1 Garand. The M1 Garand was the standard-issue service rifle for the Americans during the Second World War, and the Korean War. It would not be uncommon for many soldiers to give his beloved M1 Garand a name, often times a name of a girlfriend the soldier had back home. The M1 Garand was the life blood of the basic American soldier, and this rifle could one day, save his life.

With a 8 round en-bloc clip, the M1 Garand could easily, and quickly be reloaded. The sound of the M1 was a sort of bell type tap, it was very distinct, and when the enemy would hear this, he would know instantly that he was up against an American. During the Battle of the Bulge in 1944, the Germans sneak attacked, and spearheaded the Americans, and drove miles within the American lines. It is often said that General Patton’s, tanks saved the day for the Allies, but if you would have talked to the basic foot soldier he would have told you that the M1 Garand rifle saved the day. The Americans defended the lines, and the best overall weapon of the war to defend with was the standard M1 Garand. A captured German soldier during the Battle of the Bulge, found a M1 on the battlefield, when interrogated why he was carrying this American rifle, he said that he preferred the M1 Garand over his basic German Karabiner 98,. The M1 Garand was the rifle of choice by both sides. The M1 was reliable, and so effective, that General Patton called it “ the greatest implement of battle ever devised”.

The M1 Garand seen action everywhere during the Second World War, from the Japanese islands, to the outskirts of Berlin, and even is some places one would have never imagined. The Lend Lease Act of the war, gave many U.S Allies M1 Garand rifles, nations like England, France , and Canada received thousands of these trusted rifles. An interesting fact, is that the U.S exported most supplies in the Lend Lease Act to The Soviet Union, but they never sent the Soviets any M1 Garands. The M1 Garand stood out as a distinct Allied weapon, unlike the Sherman tank in which thousands were exported to the Soviet Union.

Today many people seek out this rifle, and depending on location, find out that it is difficult, or expensive to obtain one. More than 6 million M1 Garands were produced during the Second World War. An alternative for many people is the Denix M1 Garand non-firing rifle, lighter than the original M1 weighing only 7.75 lbs, its appearance is authentic, and the Denix M1 Garand, is widely used by many people, in many different ways. The military uses this model for parades, and drills. Museums love to display the Denix M1 Garand, and you will find a few of these in near any war museum around the world. When you visit a World War 2, or Korean War reenactment, most of the American reenactors will be carrying a Denix model M1. The next time you watch a movie about the Second World War pay attention, because the actors may very well be using Denix M1 Garands. The popularity of the Denix M1 model is widespread, you will see it used in photo props, by actors, and by collectors around the world. Anyone today who owns a Denix M1 Garand, prizes his rifle, and loves to display, and show it to others.

garand-replica-gunThe Denix M1 Garand, has a beautiful high quality wood stock. The metal is black painted zinc alloy. The bolt action, and trigger functions are operative, and a sling can be added if needed.  The weight of the replica is just shy of 8 pounds (an actual Garand is about 10 pounds).  Note the original clips of the M1 Garand will NOT fit into the action of this non-firing replica.  This is an extremely accurate replica of the M1 Garand rifle.  Replica Armory stocks the Denix Garand Replica, and many other World War II replica guns.

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