Disassembly of a Denix 1860 Army replica revolver

One of the more interesting things about running a replica gun website is the suprising number of questions I get pertaining to the mechanical details of the various replica guns. Sometimes, the questions are geared toward trying to figure out if a non-firing replica gun can be converted to a real firing gun. Other times, people are trying to find replacement parts, or in desperation because gun they have taken apart is now not working correctly.

I fully understand the curious desire to disassemble mechanical devices. I raised 2 boys and am a mechanical engineer myself. With real guns, the disassembly and subsequent re-assembly is normally quite feasable for the average person. Real guns need to be taken apart to be cleaned on a regular basis. However, with a much cheaper, non-firing replica gun, the main purpose of it is to be used as a prop or a display. For the most part, they are not intended to be frequently disassembled, and so, they are not as “user-friendly” in that regard. Non-firing prop guns are basically high level toy guns which have very basic internal mechanisms. For example, small pieces and springs which all have to be simultaneously placed perfectly inside the gun. I would guess that Denix factory employees probably use a special tool to make assembly of their guns easier.

So, in an effort to ease the curiousity among some of you, I made a video showing the inside of a Denix 1860 Army revolver. In the future, if you ever feel the desire to disassemble your Denix replica (for no reason other than curiousity), then just watch this video instead….

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  1. Replica Armory
    March 14, 2011 | 9:08 pm

    The internal mechanisms inside a non-firing Denix 1860 Army replica revolver http://bit.ly/faIv1U I finally took it apart

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