Denix Colt Python non-firing replica revolver – classic cop gun

From gangsters to cops… everything from Starsky & Hutch to The Boondock Saints, to Resident Evil, this gun has made its mark on numerous TV shows, films, and games. The Colt Python has developed a reputation over the years for accuracy, fit and smooth trigger pull.

The Denix replica fills the bill for “cop gun prop”, as it is a realistic non-firing replica of the classic gun. Of course, the trigger pull and action of the Denix is nowhere close to the smooth action of a real Python. Check out the video review I made of the Denix replica. It is a worthy prop gun.

Pulling the trigger as a double action is much easier than as a single action. And the trigger pull is noticeably harder than the Denix western-style single action Armys. I would guess that most would be using it as double action, so the difficult hammer cock could be a minor issue for most people. In the video, I disassembled it to show the inner mechanisms, and from this, it is easy to see why the Denix does not have the smooth trigger pull of a real Python. For the ambitious ones out there, the hammer spring could possibly be replaced with a softer spring, perhaps even a homemade one. Replica Armory has a good lineup of old school type cop guns. Call or email for availability.

The 22-001 replica ammo do not quite fit:

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