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Steampunk Day at Old Cowtown Museum Wichita

November 5, 2011 was Steampunk Day, held at Old Cowtown Living History Museum in Wichita, Kansas. This event is always quite interesting, as it combines Victorian style with Jules Verne-type gadgetry. This year they many interesting exhibits, including an anti-airship machine (blank) gun demonstration, and my favorite- penny-farthing races.   The anti-airship machine gun demonstration…

Early reconnaissance- the spyglass

Recon equipment for pirates, Civil War soliders, cowboys and steampunkers… More stylish than binoculars, of course! Most recently seen in the westerns “True Grit” and “Cowboys and Aliens”, the spyglass was an important piece of intelligence-gathering equipment. Replica Armory features this fully functional spyglass, along with many other stage props.