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Confederate Civil War Kepi

Need a rebel kepi? Here’s a closer look at a confederate reproduction kepi.   Made of wool, with cotton lining. Ever wonder why it’s called a kepi?   Both the cap and the name itself comes from the French.   The French re-spelled the word kappe, which itself means “cap”.   Its origins began as early as the…

For when ya got 2 guns…one for each of ya

Not super interesting, but here’s a look at the basic dual tone, double rig holster.   Bullet loops are fitted to the standard Denix size replica bullets….(not .45 cal).   Old western holsters are fun to wear.  Now if I could just spin my six shooter like Doc Holliday, I’d be happy. For many more styles, please…

Replica Old West Pharo / Civil War Poker Cards

Check out the new video I uploaded to YouTube.   I unboxed the two different vintage poker card sets….these cards are quite different from the modern cards of today, for sure.   Find these and other old west gifts.