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Field strip of the Denix non-firing replica AK-47

I forgot to include this in my other showings of the Denix non-firing AK-47… For what it’s worth, its a very straightforward breakdown, so if this is what interests you, here it is!

Denix Colt Python non-firing replica revolver – classic cop gun

From gangsters to cops… everything from Starsky & Hutch to The Boondock Saints, to Resident Evil, this gun has made its mark on numerous TV shows, films, and games. The Colt Python has developed a reputation over the years for accuracy, fit and smooth trigger pull. The Denix replica fills the bill for “cop gun…

Disassembly of a Denix 1860 Army replica revolver

One of the more interesting things about running a replica gun website is the suprising number of questions I get pertaining to the mechanical details of the various replica guns. Sometimes, the questions are geared toward trying to figure out if a non-firing replica gun can be converted to a real firing gun. Other times,…