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The Garand Replica – Denix Prop Gun

When one thinks of the M1 Garand, the first thing that comes to mind is the Invasion of Normandy, or better known as D-Day. When the Americans stormed the beaches, the basic foot soldier was carrying the M1 Garand, a semi-automatic .30 caliber rifle. This rifle was the most used rifle on the American side…

Impressive presentation display of a Denix Beretta Non-Firing Replica

Check out this cool display utilizing a chrome non-firing Beretta replica, built by one of our customers.  Great job!   Need one?  Get yours here,

US Navy Officer’s Sword Letter Opener – Classic Naval Replica Weaponry

Introducing the scaled-down version of the USN officer’s sword letter opener. Classic naval replica weaponry for the office- richly steeped in the traditions of the US Navy.  Overall length is 11.5″, with a blade length of 7.25″.   Plastic stand included.  To see other US military sword letter openers, check out Replica Armory.

Devil Dog Letter Opener – The Mameluke Sword

The most recognizable military sword is now represented as a letter opener.  The  Marine Corps Mameluke sword will have no problem slicing open your  Christmas cards, utility bills, letters from grandma, and other snail-mail correspondence.  This is the USMC officer’s sword- 11.5″ overall length, and a stainless steel blade length of 7.5″.   It comes…

Denix packaging can sometimes get ugly

I have been in the replica gun business for over 3 years, and have noticed that new Denix packaging can really take a beating.  The process begins in the factory in Spain, where thousands of replica guns are shipped everywhere in the world to distributors and wholesalers.  The journey then continues when they are parceled…

Replica Guns- Shipping to Australia?

Yes, we will ship replica guns to Australia! (As long as it is allowed in your state- SEE BELOW).   But, before you order, you need to get this form B709A from your Customs department.  We are told that it is fairly simple to get this approved.  If you are an Australian resident, please let…

The all-purpose black prop gun – Denix M1911 w/ black grips

What’s a good go-to prop gun for any non-firing situation?..  Denix M1911.   All-black, Henry Ford would love it.  The Denix 22-1227 comes in 3 varieties: nickel, wood grips, and this bad boy, the all black. See them all at Replica Armory

Denix replicas as a cap guns

Some of the Denix replica Civil War/Old West percussion “ball & cap” guns can fire round caps. In this vid, I’m using a 22-1055G Colt Dragoon M1849 Denix Replica Gun, and a 22-1114 Double Barrel M1881 Denix Pistol – “Street Howitzer”.   Some of the Colonial-style percussion replicas can also fire round caps.   The…

LPG gas guns in the UK

LPG gas guns in the UK. John Webster, a reenactor, builds some pretty impressive non-firing replica gas guns (and tanks). His weapons are a great alternative to firing blanks.

Denix Makarov non-firing replica Soviet Russian Cold War gun

This little Soviet replica is just fun to hold and makes a great display piece.   It has very basic functionality with a working slide and removable (non-functional) magazine.    It would be a great addition to a Cold War collection, or a sidearm to go along with an AK-47 replica.   The Makarov was…