1866 Winchester Rifle
Gray Finish
Non Firing Replica Gun

SKU #: 22-1140G
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This replica non-firing rifle is modeled after the Winchester 1866.  In the 2010 version of True Grit, this gun is similar to the rifle that Lucky Ned Pepper wields during the shootout against Rooster Cogburn.  This model has antique gray finish, whereas Lucky Ned uses the 1866 Winchester "Yellow Boy".

This M1866 was a legend of the Old West. The lever action works just like the original. Hanging on your wall or over the fireplace, folks will think it's the real thing. This unique replica gun has an antique gray finish and wooden stock and foregrip.


Length: 39.5"

Weight: 6.6 lbs.


Lucky Ned Pepper aiming his Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" during the shootout at the end of the 2010 True Grit.   Photo courtesy of www.imfdb.org


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